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See my PERFECT (!) Over 20-year BBB rating here WITHOUT a single complaint in all that time (!) here:




Did you know that your state government may be virtually robbing you (though not deliberately) and you don't even know it?  Read on!

I had money available myself, which I didn't know about!  My two largest clients had over $2,000.00 and $21,000.00 available to them which they didn't even know about!  My sister had almost $400.00, my neighbor had $180.00!  (You could have less money than them or no money at all, but then again, you could have even more!)  Could this be YOU?!?!?!  Just ask and I'll e-mail you a copy of my GUIDE TO FREE MONEY ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!  (A $19.99 Value!) It tells you how to claim any monies YOU may have available at your State's Comptroller or Treasurer's Office which is where I helped my clients get their money from! !!!$$$!!!GOOD LUCK!!!$$$!!!

Thanks again for your patronage! It is my pleasure to serve you!


TESTIMONIALS and info about successes


"Donna Lee helped me find and claim $300.00 that was owed to me that I knew nothing about!  It's always great to get extra money for free, especially when you weren't expecting it, no matter the amount!  Get your GUIDE TO FREE MONEY TODAY!"  Rhonda Cox, poet, Springfield Gardens, NY

My largest clients to date other than Rhonda, above, are:

April 23, 1998, retired homemaker, Bessie Williams, over $21,000

July 21, 1998, Marie Williams, occupation unknown, over $2,000

April 30, 1998, Peter Williams NY City taxi driver, over $600

June 5, 2008, Rosalyn Lee, NY State Licensed Social Worker, approx. $400

2011, Mara Covell, Directing Manager NYC employment agency, approx. $400

(I have check stub copies for the middle four people listed here on file which I can fax to you if you'd like to see them!)


Get your GUIDE TO FREE MONEY TODAY copyright Donna Lee! 



1) Unclaimed funds is money that is turned over to each U.S. State's
Comptroller or Treasury that may belong to YOU! This money can come
from many sources including stocks and bonds, uncashed pay checks,
uncashed State income tax refund checks, insurance policies, including
health insurance, utilities, abandoned bank accounts, etc. There are
over $4 billion in unclaimed funds at the New York State Comptroller's
Office alone! Could any of this money be YOURS?!?!?! See above!

2) Do you need legal advice, but think you can't afford it? You can
get unlimited legal advice on a single question having to do with any
aspect of the law for a flat rate of $34.95! This will NOT be
representation by a lawyer. You can go to www.legaladviceline.com to
access this service or call (888) 367-5252 between 8:30a and 8:30p M-F

3) Does your child have a disability or severe illness? MUMS National
Parent to Parent Network, www.netnet.net/mums/ or (877) 336- 5333 can
help at no charge. MUMS is a networking support system for parents with
disabled or severely ill children. It matches parents with others whose
children have the same or a similar conditions. It can also connect
families of disabled or ill children with specific support groups for
their children's conditions or help them form these groups if such
groups don't all ready exist.

4) If your cat has been seriously injured or has developed a life
threatening illness and you need help paying your veterinary bill, check
out the Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program (F.V.E.A.P.) at
www.fveap.org. Each case is considered individually for funding and you
usually have to pay for part of the treatment. They try to get you
funding within 24 hours. This is a grant which you don't have to repay.

5) To get all kinds of free financial, health, psychological and other
useful cutting-edge information and news on almost any topic you can
think of, subscribe to the free e-newsletters "Bottom Line Personal" and
"Bottom Line Health" by logging onto www.boardroom.com. You'll receive
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revolutionize the way you think about solving your day to day
challenges! You can also look up topics on www.boardroom.com's search
engine at any time.

6) Want to get a free website with a Home Page, a What's New Page,
Favorite Links Page, About Us Page, and Contact Us Page capabilities?
I've got one. See www.justdonna.g2gm.com. To get your free website go
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around $60 per year, or just keep it free as I do (with ads on your site
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7) Did you know that credit cards, credit lines, and vehicle loans are
the types of credit business owners use most? Also, did you know that
about 82.5% of small businesses used some form of credit in 1998? The
source of the above two pieces of information is Tabulation from Survey
of Small Business Finance, 1998, from the Federal Reserve Board. Go to
the following website to try to see if you can start your business
without having to go into debt:

8) Finally, What would you do if you got a sudden windfall of
$50,000.00 or more from any source? Do you know that many people who
win large amounts of money from the lottery are broke within only a few
years after their wins and encounter many emotional and other problems
because of their win which often destroy the quality of their lives?
Don't let this happen to you! If you get a sudden large windfall, seek
guidance from Susan Bradley, a Certified Financial Adviser especially to
those with this situation at www.suddenmoney.com. You can also seek
peer counselling from those who are in your situation from
www.morethanmoney.com. I suggest you do both. Good luck!
If we've helped you in any way, please e-mail us your testimonial and your permission to publish it 
and your first and last name and city and state here!
Thanks! It's my pleasure to serve you! 

Donna Lee


Laundry Hacks (I have tried all of these and they work perfectly!)


To set the color in colored items so the color doesn’t bleed, soak in a bath of white vinegar overnight.


To get your clothes cleaner, add a cup of white vinegar to your washer water.


To stop static cling in your clothes from the dryer, put a crumpled up ball of aluminum foil in the dryer with your clothes.  You can use the same ball of aluminum fall repeatedly.


To help your clothes dry faster, put a clean dry towel in the dryer with your wet clothes.


Fresh Vegetable Storage Hacks (Likewise, I have tried all of these and they work as advertised!)


Cut the tips off your fresh carrots before storing them in your refrigerator.  They will keep better longer.  Also, to get the most nutrients out of your carrots, it is better to cook them thoroughly until they are soft.  To get the best from broccoli and cauliflower, only steam them until they are tender; do not boil.


Store cucumbers outside your refrigerator because the cold damages them; they will keep better; likewise tomatoes.


Do not wash your fresh vegetables until you are ready to cook/eat them; they will keep better longer.

If you’d like to chill wine faster, put paper towel wet with cold water around them before you put them in the refrigerator.  (I haven’t tried this one; please tell me how it works for you!)


I have a lot more tips like these.  Tell me what you want to know and if I don’t have it, I will try to find it for you.


Donna Lee

Contact me at avataress@msn.com

Put the word “Guerrilla Financing Tipstm Query” in the subject line of your e-mail


Enjoy and $$$!!!Good Luck!!!$$$


Prepared 4-2-16 Saturday


2Q—Are there any specific questions I should be asking when I interview for a new job?

2A—Yes; there are seven or more.

1—Why is this position open?
A—You also want to know how long the position’s been open. Most positions are due to a promotion or an employee leaving and are usually filled promptly. . .unless. . .it’s been open for several months due to a previous candidate having turned it down, the reason for which you want to know; for instance, were the duties expected too strenuous? Was the pay not enough? If it’s a new position then go for what you know and prove your worth!

2—What have their most successful candidates brought to the company?
A—You can also ask about the personal characteristics of the company’s top talent. This will give you some insight into the company’s “culture” and you can then state some of the traits you bring and say directly that you intend to be one of the company’s elite performers which is what I hope you do intend.

3—What does success at this company look like in the first 90 days?
A—This can give you a realistic take on what the company’s expectations will be of your performance in what is usually this trial period. Realize that if their expectations seem very high during this time, they will be even higher after six months and you must decide whether you are up to the task before taking the job. Unless you are simply desperate for money and will take any work available, you want to determine if you’d like to be in for the long haul and can meet the company’s standards in that regard as well as your own.

4—What challenges can you expect to face in the first 90 days?
A—This is a bit more specific about the above. The answer to this question can also provide further insight into company culture and forewarned is forearmed as the old saying is.

5—What challenges is the company currently facing? Is the company solvent (making a profit)? Have many people have been laid off in the past five years? How does the company handle technology changes?
A—This can help you determine how long you may be employed by this company. You may also want to inquire about educational opportunities the company may provide to advance your career if you plan to be there for the long haul, in addition to salary, benefits and profit sharing, all of which are perqs. that you may be on the lookout for, although I advise you not to do any work that you would not also do for free because you love doing it so much or else you may not be able to meet the challenges and stay in for the long haul and be the best you can be and do the best job you can at it.

6—How does the company retain their top talent?
A—This falls under educational and other opportunities and is something you want to know because, again, YOU want to be one of their top talent!

7—Why does the interviewer work for the company?
A—You should see a red flag if the interviewer is hesitant or vague in answering this question. Again, if you plan to work for this company over the long term, you want to know how the company rewards its top performers and stayers.

Source: www.msncareerbuilder.com

I wish you all success with achieving your constructive financial goals!

I'M A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!  Read these books and visit these websites to hear about these explosive conspiracy theories. 

UFOs, JFK and Elvis:  Conspiracies You Don't Have to be Crazy to Believe, by Richard Belzer; ISBN#9780307492289

American Conspiracies:  Lies, Lies and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us, by Jesse Ventura; ISBN#2940000219843

1996, by Gloria Naylor, ISBN#9780883782637

Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, by Donna Lee, ISBN#9781434358691






Employment Opportunities

HealingCrystals.com Banner


TO LEARN OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR JOBS THAT PAY WELL AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THAT CAN BE PROFITABLE, PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT avataress@msn.com, with the words, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, in all capital letters in the subject line.  I look forward to hearing from you!

                      Affordable Housing and Other Helps

1)  National Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) www.naca.com (888) 302-6222

NACA can help you get a low-cost mortgage for a house with no down payment necessary, no closing costs,  no fees, a below market interest rate, and perfect credit is NOT required.  You can choose a condominium or co-op apartment as well.  They are committed to counsel each prospective home-buyer until s/he/they succeed in purchasing an affordable home of their own!


2)   www.coabode.org

This is a California-based organization that helps single mothers all across the country to get shared housing with other single mothers, which was started by a single mother named, Carmel Boss.  You need a computer to access this service.


3)  www.populartips.com

This website was made by Banco Popular and gives many finance tips to better handle your money, including a budget worksheet.


4)  The Doe Fund (212) 628-5207

Valerie Greenhagen, Dir. Career Dev. & Advancement

(646) 504-8336

232 East 84th Street

New York, NY 10028

The Doe Fund gives live-in job training and placement to homeless men in New York City.  They also help with managing one’s finances as part of their program, all at no cost to the participants.  It was founded by the Hip-Hop mogul, Russell Simmons.


5)  Wellcare Choice HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) POS (Point of Service) Medicare Advantage Plan.

866-907-9848/TTY 711

8am to 8pm Eastern Time 7 days


Wellcare has many Medicare Advantage Plans.

The benefits of their Choice Plan are:

.  $0 extra premium payment

.  $0 copay to your Primary Care Physician (in network)

. $20 copay to a specialist in network

.  Prescription Drug Coverage

.  Up to $1,000 per year dental coverage (!)

.  Vision and Hearing coverage

.  Up to $22 per month in over-the-counter products like toothpaste, Motrin, etc. (!)

.  Up to 30 one-way rides to and from your doctor or pharmacist per year (!)

.  Free health club membership (The YMCA on Parsons Blvd. & 90th Ave., is a participant, as is Bally’s Health Club on Jamaica Avenue & 160th St. in Jamaica, NY!)

.  You may be able to enroll before the general enrollment period.

.  No Medicare deductible (!)

 The above program may have changed its benefits; called to inquire.

6)  Medicare Savings Plan

(929) 221-0865 10am to 4pm Weekdays

You can apply for this plan to pay for your Medicare Premiums saving you over $100 per month!


7)  NYC Benefits Advocate

(212) 331-4540 10am to 4pm Weekdays

If you have any problems, whatever they may be, receiving any of your NYC benefits and your regular workers are not able to provide answers, the people at this number will further advocate for you.  Don’t hesitate to call them!


I have a lot more tips.  If you want further help e-mail me at:  avataress@msn.com and put the word, “HELP,” in all caps in the subject line.